Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December already?

Wow...I know I am a bad blogger.  Really I am.  At least that's what I keep getting told my my lovely DD.  Anywho, here we go.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Harli, Mike and Draven drove here just to be with us and that was the most wonderful Thanksgiving I have had in years.  They arrived on Sunday evening and stayed till Thursday morning.  We had "Thanksgiving Dinner" on Wednesday, but that was ok.  I wished they could have stayed longer, but the time we did have together was wonderful.  We went to the Falls to see the lights one evening and Draven was such a good little boy.  As I was going through my pictures, I realized I did not take that many...bad mom.  I guess I was just so excited that they were here and I had them in the flesh.  I know Harli took some with her camera so hopefully she will send them to me soon and I can post a few more.  We also did "Christmas" with them and we gave them a webcam so that when Bella is born I will get to see her sooner.  I will be going out there in January...wow, that's just right around the corner.  Well, anyway...here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving together.  Enjoy.

Siblings...don't get too close to each other now.
Not quite sure what she is reading, but at least she does.
Just a few small Christmas presents for them.

The webcam.  Now I expect lots of videos.  I've already received a few, but I would like 1 a week.  Thank you.
Thanksgiving dinner.  What a great time we had.
Draven inside a lit up snowman.  He was so intriqued.
Draven got a name train.  Yes, it is meant to be played with.These are the plates I vinyled for them.  I am still in search for the perfect plates to add to their collection with Bella's and Draven's names.

Well that's it for now.  I promise I will post more soon.  I have been very busy making ornaments and I will post them here in the next few days.