Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby 3D

So most of you know that my DD is going to have a baby in January.  I am so excited.  Well last week she had an ultrasound done and it was confirmed for sure that she is having a baby girl...(Bella, for those of you that did not know it).  I am so excited.  Anyway, they had the ultrasound done in 3D and she sent me a link so that I could watch the whole thing.  Wow, that is amazing.  How far technology has come.  I wish we had those things when I was having babies.  Anyway, at least I can see Bella now already. 

Some people may not like this too much.  It is kinda frightening in a way, but all the same...very neat.  Here is the link if you by chance wish to view her.  Otherwise you will have to wait till January when we post pictures of Bella then.

I have a few other posts to add, but I am running out of computer time for the day, so I will have to post when I get another chance.  I will be working every day this next week and then also getting ready for my dad to come this coming weekend with his girlfriend.  I am very excited about that.

Also, my Father in law is in the hospital with an infection in his leg.  I am keeping him in my prayers and would like it if all of you would say a little prayer also.  Get better soon.

So, off I go to see "Where the Wild Things Are" with my little one.  This was my favorite book as a child and cannot wait to share seeing the movie with my son.

Have a great day and see you next time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Pumpkins

With the halloween season just around the corner, I wanted to make some pumpkins.  I used a scallop cut file for the pumpkins.  I sponged them to give them some depth.  Then I folded them and glued together.  My DS inserted the pipe cleaners in the middle and I attached a leaf.  Viola...pumpkins.  Much less messy than carving.  But,
speaking of pumpkins.  Our pumpkin
patch is almost done.  If you have been
following my blog you know we grew
our own pumpkins this year.  Well, the big one is now too big for us to carry.  When we finally take them off the vines, which will be by Friday since we are supposed to have a heavy frost, we will need to use the lawn mower and tractor to carry it up to the house.  Oh my!  It was great watching them grow.  We sold a couple and will use therest for carving or painting and hopefully my favorite neighbor will bake us a pumpkin pie.  I won't eat it, but the rest
of the family will.

More Diaper Cakes

My friend Lisa had come over and saw the diaper cake I had made for my DD.  She needed two...oh my.  Well here they are.  She picked them up yesterday and seemed very pleased with them.  Thanks Lisa.

Another Winnie the Pooh
and Sea Creatures